Welcome to the USA National Beach Rankings

USA National Beach Rankings compiles beach event results for sand competitions held domestically and internationally for American athletes. It presents results on a continuum from adult to junior age groups for males and females. It is managed by USA Volleyball.

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Submitting Adult Results

Domestic adult beach volleyball events held on sand only may be awarded ranking points. To see a snapshot of the points breakdown for adults please click here. International events sanctioned by FIVB are automatically awarded ranking points through USAV. Requests should be submitted in advance of an event. Consideration for historic events may be given for events held in advance of April 1, 2018 within the last 365 days. When emailing, please provide relevant details no later than two weeks in advance of an event. Once a request is received it may take up to two weeks after submission to process. All results submitted are reviewed and should a significant discrepancy be noted, a change in the level of points awarded may be made. Results must be submitted in the approved template. Any promoter who would like to submit their domestic adult competition results should contact the USAV Beach office, Sean Scott, Beach National Teams Director (sean.scott@usav.org) for more information. 


Applying for Junior Ranking Points Allocation

For promoters looking to gain National, Zonal or non-USAV Region approved level ranking points please complete the online application a minimum of two weeks in advance. Click here for more information and to apply.


Submitting Junior National, Zonal or Non-USAV Region Approved Results

Any promoter who has been awarded National or Zonal points via the application process should send results to the USAV Beach office at beachevents@usav.org . Results must be submitted in the approved template.


Submitting Junior Regional Results

USAV Regions and their Region approved promoters should submit results using either the BracketPal download or the approved NBT results template (csv file) at the conclusion of the event to their respective Zonal Representative.