Terese Cannon

Pittsford, NY

Ranking ID: 2020124

Seeding Points
Women's Open - 43rd8600.0
Women's AA - 43rd8600.0
Women's A - 43rd8600.0
Coed Open - 77th8600.0
Coed AA - 77th8600.0
Coed A - 77th8600.0
Women's AAA - 43rd8600.0
Women's B - 43rd8600.0
Coed B - 77th8600.0
Coed AAA - 77th8600.0
Coed BB - 77th8600.0
Women's Non-Rated - 43rd8600.0
Women's Recreational - 43rd8600.0
Women's Competitive - 43rd8600.0
Women's Other - 43rd8600.0
Coed Competitive - 77th8600.0
Coed Non-Rated - 77th8600.0
Coed Recreational - 77th8600.0
Coed Other - 77th8600.0
Other - 77th8600.0
DateEvent NameEvent Host/AffiliateLocationDivisionTeam NameTeammate(s)PlaceSeeding Points
Sun, Jun 10th, 2018AVP New York
AVP Pro Beach TourWomen's OpenCannon/QuiggleCorinne Quiggle17th1600.0View Results
Wed, Sep 27th, 2017NORCECA Playoff #3
USAV - NationalManhattan Beach, CAWomen's Non-RatedMartin/CANNONNicolette Martin500th-View Results
Sun, Aug 20th, 2017Manhattan Beach Open
AVP Pro Beach TourWomen's OpenTerese Cannon17th1600.0View Results
Sat, Aug 12th, 2017Ocean Park Women's AAA
USAV - NationalOcean Park, CAWomen's AAAMartin/CANNONNicolette Martin3rd480.0View Results
Sun, Jul 23rd, 2017Manhattan Beach Pier Open
USAV - NationalManhattan Beach, CAWomen's OpenCANNON/MartinNicolette Martin3rd480.0View Results
Sun, Jul 23rd, 2017Hermosa Beach Open
AVP Pro Beach TourWomen's OpenTerese Cannon17th1600.0View Results
Sun, Jul 16th, 2017CBVA + AVPNext Open
USAV - NationalHuntington State Beach, CAWomen's OpenCANNON/BUSTAMANTEAbril Bustamante9th300.0View Results
Sun, Jul 9th, 2017San Francisco Open
AVP Pro Beach TourWomen's OpenTerese Cannon7th2200.0View Results
Sun, Jul 2nd, 2017Michelob Ultra Women's Open
USAV - NationalEast Beach, Santa Barbara, CAWomen's OpenCANNON/MartinNicolette Martin5th360.0View Results
Sun, Jun 25th, 2017Seattle Open
AVP Pro Beach TourWomen's OpenTerese Cannon17th1600.0View Results
Sun, Jun 11th, 2017New York City Open
AVP Pro Beach TourWomen's OpenTerese Cannon29th1000.0View Results
Sun, Jun 4th, 2017Ocean Park Volleyball Women's AAA
USAV - NationalOcean Park, Santa Monica, CAWomen's AAAKERNOCHAN/CANNONKatrina Kernochan5th360.0View Results
Sat, May 27th, 2017CBVA + AVPNext Open: 2-day
USAV - NationalHermosa Beach, CAWomen's OpenKREMER/CANNONJosephine Kremer13th270.0View Results
Thu, May 11th, 2017USAV Collegiate Beach Championships
USAV - NationalHermosa Beach, CAWomen's OpenMartin/CANNONNicolette Martin2nd540.0View Results
Sun, Jul 31st, 2016Marine Street Women's Open
USAV - NationalMarine Street, Manhattan Beach, CAWomen's OpenKERNOCHAN/CANNONKatrina Kernochan9th300.0View Results
Sat, Jul 23rd, 2016Malibu Surf & Sport Festival
USAV - NationalZuma Beach, CAWomen's OpenKERNOCHAN/CANNONKatrina Kernochan5th360.0View Results
Wed, Jul 13th, 2016USA Volleyball - HP Championships
International (HP Champs)
USAV - NationalHermosa Beach, CAWomen's OpenCANNON/DUNNRebecca Dunn3rd-View Results
Sat, Jul 9th, 2016CBVA Mission Beach
USAV - NationalMission Beach, CAWomen's OpenBECCA DUNN/CANNON9th300.0View Results
Sun, Jul 3rd, 2016CBVA Santa Barbara
USAV - NationalSanta Barbara, CAWomen's OpenDUNN/CANNONRebecca Dunn5th360.0View Results
Sat, Jun 25th, 2016USAV JBT Queen of the Beach Invitational
USAV - NationalHermosa Beach, CAWomen's OpenCANNON/QOB K9th300.0View Results
Sat, Jun 18th, 2016CBVA Manhattan Beach
USAV - NationalManhattan Beach, CAWomen's OpenKREMER/CANNONJosephine Kremer3rd480.0View Results
Sat, Jun 11th, 2016CBVA Will Rogers State Beach
USAV - NationalWill Rogers State Beach, CAWomen's AAAKREMER/CANNONJosephine Kremer3rd480.0View Results
Sat, Jun 4th, 2016USAV Beach HP World University Championship Trials
USAV - NationalManhattan Beach Pier, CAWomen's OpenStrange/CANNONAlexa Strange9th300.0View Results
Wed, Jul 17th, 2013JBT USA Beach High Performance ChampionshipsUSAV - NationalHermosa Beach, CAGirls 18UAVERY/CANNONErin Avery4th227.0View Results
Sun, Jun 23rd, 2013JBT Great Lakes OpenUSAV - NationalRochester, NYGirls 18UCANNON/CANNONHannah Cannon3rd147.0View Results